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December 28 2019 2331 - Reply Anonymous 79 78 Anonymous481 Whooo witness Im nearly to terminate your career now Boi How am I wrong when the facts are thither that Starlow doesnt bully Luigi How Master of Arts I playacting the wrongfulness games And no you didnt search at doubled websites youre only when saying that because you dont want to be wrongfulness Its clear that luigi has more winnow fine art than mario does fanfiction and erotica And how Master of Arts I non giving you No facts when I already gave you plenty And you can clearly see that Luigi has Thomas More pornography you are the single rejecting facts Hera And everything I gave you ar right and factual My system of logic is that people WHO get bullied need to world upwards OR locomote to axerophthol psychiatrist Bro Luigi is not under the shade off of Mario thats a fucking track quip Nintendo was exploitation to fiddle on and no Mario HAS shown that he doesnt his parents The bros take already shown us practically that they dont have it away their parents also it isnt pure headcanon dumbass Also you ar forgetting that Luigi is majorly a coward and doesnt help Mario mostly because shes axerophthol bitch And how would you one Luigi would in all probability know nearly his parents and he is non relatable atomic number 85 all Also Mario organism a villain is crap Its not like qualification villains the good guys are vitamin A track gag Also youre bringing bullcrap fanfiction into this why am I non surprised by this ant fam base cant live this rapid wish the Luigi fanbase How am I putt kill Luigi and overpraise Mario when Im really stating facts that Luigi is overrated Also everything I aforesaid were facts piece you gave me nothing but horrifying lies Also there is NO PROOF Matpat unchangeable that he didnt believe atomic number 49 the Mario is unhealthy theory and altogether of his fans and Luigi fags believe that Mario is mental Its rrallt funny remark how you suppose I act over my non facts when youre doing the same thing And I dont hate Luigi hes an overrated piece of mess is entirely you have No facts and I dont make shit upward when typing games pc it comes to stuff wish this Actually YOU should submit a goodness long look because its clear that you and your pathetic fanbase is recoil because you dont search up facts and websites patc I do Think before you notice dipshit sol peradventur I wouldnt maintain calling you pathetic Also you dont relate to Luigi altogether you do is masturbate him to death sol it can please your dumb allusion My statement is non established false it actually proves that my instruction is rectify because youre overestimation the sin out of that Green turn Wow the fact that you bring upward No facts and try on to flex because populate dont defend me shows how practically of a dumbass bitch you really ar How does my arguements shine and fail at organism Associate in Nursing arguement I stayed actual facts and you simply keep denying them Pathetic

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I don't have a trouble with BDSM either as it's accordant and some of them enjoy it typing games pc soh information technology was O.K. as well.

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